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Carpet Cleaning


Daily use of carpets and rugs puts strain on the fibers. Dirt like sand, crumbs, etc. rub the fabric with every step and damage it. You can protect your carpets through regular and professional cleaning down to the core of the fabric. We take care of your professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane and ensure that your carpets look fresh and clean. 

Professional carpet cleaning always pays off. Always offer your guests a cozy atmosphere to linger. Besides, regular cleaning saves you the cost of repairs to your carpet. We have devised several in house strategies to get the carpet cleaned without damaging it.

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No matter how expensive a Carpet is, it will always be prone to wear and tear. Many owners take the behemoth task of cleaning the carpet in their own hands. They try to be delicate at first when deep cleaning the carpet but once the carpet is a little wet, it requires more strength than an individual can apply to clean it. Thus, most people succumb to it and start washing it as just another piece of cloth. It not only damages the carpet but reduces the overall life of the carpet as well. That is why you should always go with professional carpet cleaners like Great Rise Carpet cleaners.

Carpet Cleaning Checklist

Best carpet cleaners in Brisbane

How we clean Carpets

  • Cleaning with organic hand wash
  • Professional organic hand washing of silk carpets
  • Special antique hand wash for old and high-quality carpets
  • Removal of urine stains
  • Germ elimination
  • Stain removal
  • Cleaning Carpets of tapestries
  • Machine cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning by Tapping (by hand and by machine)
  • Odor treatment

Carpet Cleaning

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