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What is Bond Cleaning?

Bond cleaning is the mandatory cleaning of a rented house before you move out. It is required by law and represented by the real estate agent, for you to be refunded the bond deposit that you paid when you leased the property.

If at the end of your lease, your exit cleaning is not of a sufficiently high standard, you may lose some and possibly even your entire bond or the deposit amount.

An exit cleaning, moving out cleaning, or bond clean is a very thorough cleaning of your rented house. It must be ensured that you repair and clean the house before you move out, according to the real estate condition form available with you and your real estate agent. It details the condition of each room of your home before you started living in. This includes the number of hooks or nails on the walls, any stains or damage that pre-existed before you moved in that particular house. It certainly allows for reasonable wear and tears.

Through our years of experience in Bond cleaning, we know what passes for an acceptable bond refund guideline at an economical cost to you. Contact us for our services to ensure you save more money on a job well done.


A bond clean or exit clean usually includes the following:-



Vacuum/sweep floors

Wipe the front door and clean the doormat

Dust off furniture/shelves

Sweep cobwebs 

Wipe the Doors and frames with a damp cloth

Clean the radiator or Air conditioner

Wipe the baseboards

Clean windows

Clean Skirting

Clean Empty Drawers / Shelfs

Dust curtains/blinds

Wipe inside, outside and above the Living room cupboards

Clean Sink, bathtub and Bathroom Cabinets

Clean Tiles in the Bathroom

Descale the fittings

Clean stove

Clean the sink

Clean all tiles

Turn the mattress over

Clean lamps

Mop floors and Stairs


*There are various other inclusions that vary from home to home based on design and basic structure of the house, that are not included here and need to be cleaned. Any fragile decorative items are not guaranteed or we don't hold any responsibility for their breakage.

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